Add multiple layers of atmosphere to your RPG Maker MV video game for a beautiful atmospheric feel. Add multiple layers of fogs, clouds or other atmospheric elements that can move at different speeds and in different directions. 

“Impress your game players with realistic and beautiful atmospheres.”


This plugin works great for different types of atmospheres from fog, clouds, mist, rain, electrical buzz or any other type of natural or synthetic atmosphere. Our RPG Maker MV plugin, Atmosphere Pro, gives indie game developers the opportunity to infuse their video games with an extra layer of atmospheric beauty. This plugin will help your game stand out amongst the crowd. 

RPG Maker fog plugin

Adding clouds and fog in RPG Maker MV


Atmosphere Pro allows you to add fog, clouds, shadows and other atmospheric elements into multiple unlimited layers. Best of all, these layers can then be controlled independently. You can add layers below or above the character. You can also add atmospheres on the parallax level. You are only limited with what you can do with this plugin by your own imagination. This plugin is also compatible with our parallax mapping plugin


In the real world, atmospheres such as fog or clouds exist on different layers and often move in different directions. With our Atmosphere Pro plugin you can control the direction of your atmospheres. For example, your highest level of atmosphere can be moving from left to right and your lower layer atmosphere can move right to left or up and down.

RPG Maker MV HUD (Heads Up Display) Plugin

Multiple layer fog plugin rpg maker


Just as you can control the direction of each atmospheric layer, you also have full control over each layer’s speed. For example, you might want your lower layer of cloud, fog, mist or rain to move quicker than the higher layers. With our premium Atmosphere Pro plugin this level of custom control is built-in. Best of all, plugin controls are intuitive and easy to manipulate. 

PERSONAL & COMMERCIAL USE plugins can be used for both personal and commercial use in a single game. A valid order receipt is required to use these plugins in your indie game. Simply put your order number beside the plugin name in your game credit. Example of proper plugin credit: Atmosphere Pro Plugin: #3256 |

RPG Maker Plugin commercial use


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