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Making Money as Game Developer

In the end, it’s all about our own capability of getting the right exposure. WAYS TO MAKE A LIVING AS INDIE GAME DEVELOPER According to the research done by Mike Rose, an indie game developer and a creator of a bike downhill game Descenders, in February 2018 about 850...

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Introduction to JRPGs

JRPGs cherish a sense of unity of a team rather than glorify deeds of a one-man-army, just like Western RPGs do. INTRODUCTION TO JRPGS Recently, we received an influx of inquiries from students in our online game development course about JRPGs. Students wanted to know...

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Creative Indie Game Studios

A dire need for innovation amongst indie game developers is often a result of the domination of triple-A games on the market and the merciless criticism of the players. MOST CREATIVE INDIE GAME STUDIOS Many students who enroll in our online game design course have...

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Game Modding

Today, modders are no longer seen as mere enthusiasts barely trying their hands at gamedev industry, but they are considered legitimate game designers by all means. WHAT IS VIDEO GAME MODDING?Many students who enroll in our online video game...

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How To Make Game Design Document

Game Design Document contains all kind of details, including the game concept itself, character descriptions, dialogue lines and different features that define your game. HOW TO MAKE A GAME DESIGN DOCUMENT? You have a perfect concept for an indie game, but you don’t...

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Most Innovative RPG Maker Games

In spite of the engine-enforced limits, some games created through RPG Maker managed to break the sameness and are considered as the very best in their genre. RPG MAKER GAMES THAT PUSH THE LIMITS RPG Maker has always been a useful tool meant to help pros and beginners...

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Most Beloved Video Game Characters

A good game can successfully hook players but only a memorable character makes them stay. 5 MOST BELOVED VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME Recently, we were asked by a student in our online video game school, to provide a list of memorable video game characters for...

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Most Successful RPG Maker Games

Many indie games created through RPG Maker cross restrictions imposed by the simplistic engine and prove that your only limitation is your very imagination. BEST 5 SUCCESSFUL RPG MAKER GAMESAs students in our online game design school know,...

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Video Games About Dragons

“What do you know about dragons?” “They're big, scaly, four-legged creatures with wings who terrorized small villages until a virgin was offered up as a sacrifice.” He grinned again. “I do miss the virgins.” -Katie MacAlister, You Slay Me (The novel)...

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