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The Best City Building Games

“There is something magical about watching all these people scampering around the streets in a world that you have designed just for them.” THE BEST CITY BUILDING GAMES City building strategy games are more than just about having the absolute,...

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What Are User Stories In Scrum?

If you see people's eyes glaze over when reading the user story, that would be the sign that it's too long. WHAT ARE USER STORIES IN SCRUM? As indie game developers we know that everyone loves a good story. Whether it was bedtime stories that...

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What Are Sprints In Scrum

In athletics, the definition of a sprint is: run at full speed over a short distance. WHAT ARE SPRINTS IN SCRUM & HOW CAN THEY HELP GAME DEVS? Once a upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a king and king Waterfall was his name....

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What is Scrum Velocity

A sprint in athletics is described as running over a short distance in a limited period of time. And velocity is the speed at which a body or object is travelling. SCRUM VELOCITY & GAME DEVELOPMENTAccording to wiki: A scrum (short for...

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Project Management Tools For Game Devs

You need to organize everything into one plan by using the best project management tools. Organization is key. TOOLS GAME DEVS USE FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENTProject management can be tricky. This is especially true in the world of indie game...

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Project Management Life Cycle

When the project is carefully planned this makes implementing it on time and on schedule so much easier. WHAT ARE THE PHASES OF A PROJECT MANAGEMENT LIFE CYCLE? While it seems that managing a video game project consists of many steps, there are...

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Role Of A Scrum Master

The Scrum Master was named as such to indicate someone who is an expert at Scrum and can train others. WHAT IS THE FUNCTION OF A SCRUM MASTER IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT?The scrum master of a project management group has a range of responsibilities....

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Mark Zuckerberg And Time Management

How did this new reality of selfies, foodie photos, poignant quotes, political bantering and grandmother picture sharing come to be? MARC ZUCKERBERG AND TIME MANAGEMENTI think the simple rule of business is if you do the things that are easier...

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