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What is Lean Production?

In recent times the concept has become in vogue. Lean production is popular because it can be used in relation to any aspects of any type of business from planning and design through to manufacturing, production, and distribution. USING LEAN...

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Time Management and Neuroplasticity

Practice improves skills and your brain will set new memory patterns and neural connections as a result of your thoughts, actions, experiences and through repetition. HOW NEUROPLASTICY CAN HELP YOU TO ACHIEVE MORE AND MAKE BETTER GAMESYou may...

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Benefits Of Multi Tasking

Multi tasking can be like having a browser open with 10,001 tabs open. All the time. MULTI TASKING AND TIME / PROJECT MANAGEMENTThe capacity to multitask is highly valued by many in the video game industry. Most research, however, does not...

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Benefits Of Single Tasking

When we multi task we are still, in fact, doing just one thing at once. We are just quickly switching from one task to another and back again. SINGLE TASKING AND TIME / PROJECT MANAGEMENTAs an indie game developer, when you have a mountain of...

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Time Management Mistakes

The saying that time is money is true, and particularly so if you have your own business. Managing your time also gives you freedom. WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN YOU WANT BETTER TIME MANAGEMENTAs an indie game developer, you've probably had that feeling...

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Elon Musk On Time Management

I think a lot of people think I must spend a lot of time with media or on business-y things. But actually almost all of my time, like 80% of it, is spent on engineering and design. WHY GAME DEVELOPERS SHOULD STUDY ELON MUSKNeil deGrasse Tyson...

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Time Management And Steve Jobs

Your time is limited, so do not waste it on someone else’s life. Any successful entrepreneur knows time is more valuable than money. ENTREPRENEUR TIME MANAGEMENT STYLES"Time is on my side, yes it isNow you always sayThat you want to be freeBut...

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Time Management And Richard Branson

Any successful entrepreneur knows time is more valuable than money. BACKGROUD OF RICHARD BRANSONIt's wise for video game entrepreneurs to step outside the world of gaming and take a close look at entrepreneurs in other industries to learn how...

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