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5 Most Profitable Indie Games

Indie games have all the capability to compete with triple-A titles not only in regards to innovative gameplay but also on the field of popularity and on the merciless, ever-changing game market. 5 MOST PROFITABLE INDIE VIDEO GAMES As students in our online game...

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Hero’s Journey in Video Games

If you are making a video game, you want to break the barrier between the game and the players, and the best way to do it is by humanising the hero. HERO’S JOURNEY AND GAME DEVELOPMENTIt's important for us that our blog readers and students in...

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How To Run Indie Game Studio

Indie game industry is like a crucible where swirling ideas of many skilful game designers sometimes slop over and land on a plate. HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY RUN AN INDIE GAME STUDIO? Many students who enroll in our game development school have dreams of opening their own...

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How To Design Interesting NPCs?

Understand what is the character’s purpose and incorporate that idea into the game through well-written, gripping dialogues and appealing animations. HOW TO DESIGN GOOD NPCS?As teachers and students in our online game design school know, every...

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How To Start Indie Game Studio

One of the powers of indie is that you can make a difference. - Sam Browne from Three Knots studio HOW TO START AN INDIE GAME STUDIO? In video game industry changes are inevitable. Whenever we hear about a new title, we immediately wonder whether our PC will handle...

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Best Visuals in 3D Games

“the real world has okay gameplay, but the graphics are so outdated” BEST VISUALS IN 3D GAMESAlthough our online game design course focused on 2D game development, we thought it would be fun to create a blog post that highlights some of the...

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Best Pixel Art Video Games

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” –Michelangelo BEST PIXEL ART VIDEO GAMES In our online game development school we focus on 2D and pixel game art. Pixel art video games are video games who’s graphical fidelity diverges from the two main...

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Game Mechanics vs Visuals

“The four pillars of Architecture: Functionality; Stability; Economically; Aesthetics;” -Peter Neufert GAME MECHANICS VS VISUALS IN INDIE GAMESIndependent game developers are usually small companies who are not affiliated with sponsors or other...

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Making Indie Video Games on a Budget

“If you can’t beat them with astonishing graphics and huge, open worlds, focus on innovation and the plot.” HOW TO MAKE A VIDEO GAME ON A BUDGET? If you ever thought that making a video game is a cakewalk, then you might want to reconsider your view. Did you love...

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