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How to Advertise Indie Video Games?

“Apart from knowing how to develop a game, you also have to know how to successfully reach your audience.” HOW TO ADVERTISE GAMES PROPERLY? If you are an independent video game developer and your game making process slowly comes to an end, it doesn’t mean that your...

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Best Visuals in 2D Games

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” -Margaret Wolfe Hungerford BEST VISUALS IN 2D GAMES In the world of indie game development, many of the modern games are praised for their hyper flushed out realistic 3D graphics, being praised for their...

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Donald Trump and Time Management

Trump follows the Five P’s: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Preparation prior to an action is an important time management skill. WHAT CAN GAME DEVELOPERS LEARN FROM DONALD TRUMP? Indie game developers are wise to look outside their own industry and study...

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Exploring RPGs

“In RPGs players feel much more attached to the imaginary world and eventually become a part of it.” EXPLORING ROLE-PLAYING GAMES Do you remember these long, wintery hours spent on rolling dices with your friends, sharing fantastic stories...

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Best 5 Space RPGs

“Thanks to their incredible skills and dedication, modern game developers allow us to take a glimpse of the “final frontier” and go beyond the known world.” BEST 5 RPGS TAKING PLACE IN OUTER SPACE Space, the final frontier… oh, pardon me, I...

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Best Modern World RPGs

“Once you will get to the point in which you will be 100% sure that nothing else will surprise you, the game will do that anyway.” TOP 5 MODERN WORLD RPGS Whenever we hear a name “role-playing games”, the very first images that come to our mind...

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Project Management Course

“Every project is a race between your enthusiasm and your ability to get it done. – Jill Soloway” TRAINING IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR INDIE GAME DEVELOPERS Are you highly experienced in project management? Or are you a newbie? Are you running a...

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