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How To Make Game Design Document

Game Design Document contains all kind of details, including the game concept itself, character descriptions, dialogue lines and different features that define your game. HOW TO MAKE A GAME DESIGN DOCUMENT? You have a perfect concept for an indie game, but you don’t...

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Top 5 Isometric Games

To compensate this visual experience loss, many gamedev companies rely on an isometric view featuring 2D models with hand-crafted environments and beautifully sculpted scenery. TOP 5 ISOMETRIC GAMESOn the cusp of the 21st century, the game...

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What are RTS Games?

RTS games are not only about pure mathematics but they value players’ personal skill, reflex and a smart use of opportunities. WHAT ARE RTS GAMES?In a recent discussion with students in our game design course, we were debating about the reasons...

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