Prepare for toughest rescue mission ever.


Breakout: The Dark Prison is a AAA grade ARPG game by LaterSoft Games. This game is the studio’s most recently released game and it is expected to be their blockbuster game of 2019. You can download the game on the Google Play Store here

The game developers kicked off development for Breakout way back in 2016. Their mission was to bring a high quality role playing game to the public which had all of the bases covered. In a moment you’ll be able to view the trailer. But pay attention to the incredible sound design, character design and combat system. And best of all, these technical achievements are backed by a gripping narrative. Now, before we go into more about the video game, take a moment and watch the trailer for the game below.

The trailer will give you a glimpse into the level of quality and the aesthetic approach the game makers took when designing this game. 


Breakout is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after a deadly virus outbreak wipes out our precious earth as we know it. 

But things only get worse from there. 

The protagonist’s daughter is found to have an immunity to this virus and is kidnapped by a group of mercenaries (called Apostles) and is taken captive in one of the most deadly places in an already deadly world. A grim place known as The Dark Prison. It doesn’t sound like a nice place to be, because it’s not. It’s a downright terrifying place to be. 

However, in a quest to save your daughter, this is the hell hole you’re forced to pay a visit to. But get ready, because when you arrive, you’ll come face to face with many not so friendly looking game characters and bosses. In fact, the game play is quite hard. The combat system’s AI and the size of the world (it’s a big game) help support a level of game complexity that many familiar with the genre will appreciate. Don’t expect an easy ride with Breakout. The journey is long and full of challenging quests. 

Breakout is an interesting game in that it takes place in a strange and dark post apocalyptic world, and the game is intense and scary, but at the same time, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are times when some boss characters (although frightening looking), have a bit of a comedic slant to them. Or sometimes after winning a batter, your character will do a funny dance (like something you’d see on Instagram as a meme). But this style helps give the game a balance as a quirkiness that keep things interested. It’s nice to laugh a little after defeating a zombie. 

In fact, the same approach is taken with weapon choices. While fighting for you life, you won’t be able to be picky about your weapons and you must think creatively about how to stay alive. If this means using box cutters, then so be it. If nobody is using that tire in the corner, well then that’s fair game too. And what about that rusty construction skid with nails sticking out of it? Well, pick it up and take a swing at an enemy with it. It’s not technically a weapon, but if you throw it at your enemie’s head, it sure acts like one! 

It’s these little details which keep the game moving along at a nice speed. There always seems to be something fun to experiment with within the game. 

The game also offers exciting combat possibilities and fights never feel old (this is a big thing for me). The ability to fight against monsters, zombies (you need zombies in post apocalyptic games), and bandits keep the fighting style fresh and keeps combat dynamic. You don’t have the opportunity to get used to just one enemy fight style, because each boss has their own unique fighting style that you’ll need to adapt to. 

And it’s not just the enemies the help keep the game engaging. Breakout offers game players a huge world with hundreds of maps to explore. This game feels MASSIVE.

This game has really covered all of the bases in terms of keeping players engaged and excited to see what’s around the next corner. 

Breakout also offers a narrative depth, not found in many ARPG games. The story will keep you on the edge of your seat and the ability to be able to find new items, forge weapons and build strategic alliances ensures that the game has a level of complexity that will keep more advanced game players looking for what new possibilities lay just below the surface.

Breakout: Dark Prison is a big accomplishment for the team out of LaterSoft Games.

We loved playing it and we know you will too! 

The fate of the world is in your hands: Download the game now on Google Play.




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