Add a farming, mining or foraging system to your RPG Maker MV video game and add an extra layer of player engagement. Allow players to work the land within your game and increase player engagement. 

“Engage your game players with a rewarding farming, mining or foraging system.”


Farm & Mine Pro is a plugin designed to help game makers using RPG Maker MV create engaging and unique games with a built in foraging system. Essentially, the plugin allows users to “work the land” in various ways. A user could plant a seed and then later extract a vegetable. Or, they could mine a rock to acquire a precious gem, or they could use it to extract other resources from the land (trees, plants, water, flowers, elixirs etc). 

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Farm & Mine Pro was designed to permit skill acquisition to impact extraction efficiency by either speeding up the extraction process or acquiring more of the element being extracted. For example a farmer with a level 1 skill may need to wait 5 days after planting 1 seed to extract his 1 carrot. however, a farmer with level 2 skill may need to only wait 2 days to extract 2 carrots. Allowing skills to impact extraction efficiency is a great way to keep your players engaged in your game. 


Just as skills can impact extraction effectiveness, so too can a players tools and equipment. For example, a miner mining with a shovel (equipment level = 1) will mine few materials at a slower speed than a player who is using a pick-axe (equipment level = 2). Having equipment impact extraction efficiency adds an extra layer of player engagement into your indie video game. 

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Setting up farming, mining and foraging systems manually can be incredibly complex and time consuming.’s Farm & Mine Pro plugin for RPG Maker MV uses an innovative approach to simplifying the process of developing for the game developer. This allows you to better scale your farming, mining or foraging system much more easily. 

PERSONAL & COMMERCIAL USE plugins can be used for both personal and commercial use in a single game. A valid order receipt is required to use these plugins in your indie game. Simply put your order number beside the plugin name in your game credit. Example of proper plugin credit: Farm & Mine Pro Plugin: #3256 |

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Order now and get immediate access to the plugin as well as our support center. You will get access to all plugin files as well as a easy to understand video tutorial teaching you how to install and use the plugin. 

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