Indie Game Makers Fight For Attention As More and More Games Get Released Each Year


Getting your game seen as an indie game dev is a challenge. However, getting your game seen in an increasingly competitive marketplace is even more of a challenge.

Last year there were over 9000 games released on Steam. This number is up roughly 2000 games from the year before. As more and more indie games flood the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for indie games to gain attention. Look at the chart below which shows Steam game growth over time (stats from Statista). 

Game Devs Are Forced To Become Game Marketers

Game makers are being forced to put as much work into game marketing as they do into game development. This is a difficult task for many indie game makers because game marketing and game development are two entirely different skill sets and both require a huge investment of time to do well.

We’ve interviewed many game makers on our game dev blog and many of them admit to failing on the marketing side of things (see for yourself by reading our definitive guide to indie game marketing).

Unfortunately, most indie game devs try to keep marketing in-house because they believe indie game marketing is expensive. However, they simply don’t share the same passion for game marketing as they do for game development and this lack of passion for the craft shows in their game marketing campaigns. 

Therefore, in order to be competitive in an increasingly crowded market, game developers are starting to look for outside help. The truth is that indie game marketing doesn’t need to be expensive (see this plan starting at $79). Campaigns like this help you fuel organic and grassroots campaigns designed to attract awareness around your game. Getting interviewed by bloggers, having YouTubers create “let’s play” videos about your game, getting your game in front of game journalist and engaging in aggressive genre based game SEO campaigns can all help you drive awareness and sell games. 

What Are You Doing To Separate Your Games From the Pack?

We’d love to hear what you’re doing to separate your games from the growing crowd of competitors. Let us know what’s working and what’s not in the comments section below! 

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