Our Heads Up Display plugin (HUD Pro) for RPG Maker MV allows you to show important game stats directly on your game screen. You can show gold, HP, party HP, map name or any game variable. Best of all, the look and position of the various HUDs can be fully customized. 

“Make your game stand out. Allow your game players to access important game stats quickly by using our HUD Pro plugin”


Add important information directly onto your game screen. You can add important game stats such as a character’s gold or currency balance, HP, MP, TP, map name, party health, or any other game variable. This grants game players convenient access to important game statistics without having to access the game menu. All information updates in real time. 

RPG Maker MV HUD (Heads Up Display) Plugin

HUD Plugin RPG Maker


HUD Pro allows users to fully customize  the look of the Heads Up Display (HUD). You will have full control over the font type, font color, the HUD position, border, as well as the background color or background image used behind the HUD.  This level of customization ensures that your Heads Up Display (HUD) fits into your game aesthetic.


Our premium HUD plugin allows you to show any custom game variables you have setup. You can simply name your variables and display them on your map using a simple switch.  You can show multiple custom variables on each map and name each one to your liking. You could show levels, health, account balance or any other variable you have setup in RPG Maker MV. 

RPG Maker HUD Variables

Customize HUD text


It is important that a Heads Up Display (HUD) shows custom text relevant to your game. For example, if your game is not using gold, but instead another currency you will want your unique currency symbol or name shown. This level of text customization is built into the HUD Pro plugin. You can change character name text, custom variable text, map name text and much more. 


The HUD Pro plugin allows you to show either just one, or multiple HUDs on your game map. You can show a HUD showing the avatar and real time health of your main character as well as their party members. You can also show a HUD for your map name, currency balance and any custom variables you want. All HUDs can be turned on or off whenever you like. 

Multiple RPG Maker MV HUDs

Change HUD background color


Your RPG Maker MV video game needs to have visual continuity and a professional look and feel. For this reason we’ve designed the HUD Pro plugin so that you can fully customize any of your HUD backgrounds by using any custom image or color you desire. This allows you to give all of your HUDs a look a that fits well with your game’s overall aesthetic. 


HUD Pro plugin, combined with our Custom Menu Pro plugin, allows you to customize your game’s dialog box background (with an image or a color). You also have full control over the background transparency. This allows you to select a similar style to the other custom HUD displays you are using and ensures your dialog box fits into your game’s HUD design standard. 

RPG Maker text box background

Commercial royalty free game plugin

PERSONAL & COMMERCIAL USE plugins can be used for both personal and commercial use in a single game. A valid order receipt is required to use these plugins in your indie game. Simply put your order number beside the plugin name in your game credit. Example of proper plugin credit: HUD Pro Plugin: #3256 |


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