Our Multi-Direction Pro plugin allows you to create character sprites that have more advanced and fluid movements. You can now create character sprites in RPG Maker MV that have 8 directions of movement and more fluid movements. 

“Multi-Direction Pro dramatically improves your games perceived value.”


By default RPG maker allows characters to walk in 4 directions. However, by using Multi-Direction Pro you extend the movement to 8 positions (up, down, left, right + 4 diagonals of movement). This helps characters move around parallax maps with more fluidity. 

8 directions / diagonal movement plugin

diagonal sprites rpg maker mv


Diagonal sprites and mapping allowing you to differentiate your RPG Maker MV game. Look at the image to the left to see how different the game map looks when you’re giving the ability to place houses on a 45 degree angle. Placement of game assets on this angle would not be possible without our multi direction movement plugin. Now your diagonal sprites can enter locations on an angle. This is a great plugin to use with our free parallax mapping plugin and our restrictions plugin

PERSONAL & COMMERCIAL USE plugins can be used for both personal and commercial use in a single game. A valid order receipt is required to use these plugins in your indie game. You will be issued a order receipt even for free plugins (no payment required). Simply put your order number beside the plugin name in your game credit. Example of proper plugin credit: Multi-Direction Pro Plugin: #3256 |

RPG Maker fog plugin


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