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Plugin Licencing Information PRG Maker MV plugins can be used for both personal and commercial use (one game / licence). A valid order receipt is required to use these plugins in your game. in your game credits simply put your order number beside the plugin name in your game credit. 

Example of proper credit: HUD Pro Plugin: #3256 |

rpg maker fog atmosphere plugin
Atmosphere Pro is a multi layer atmosphere (fog, wind etc) that allows you to add realistic atmospheric elements into a game.

rpg maker paralax plugin
Parallax Pro allows gives you complete control over the visual style of your RPG maker game maps. 

rpg maker day night plugin
Day / Night Pro is a plugin that gives you complete control over your in-game time. 

rpg maker custom menu plugin
Custom Menu Pro is a plugin for RPG Maker that allows you to fully customize the menu system within the game engine. 

RPG Maker Farm & Mine Plugin
Farm & Mine Pro is a plugin for RPG Maker that allows you to create farming and mining systems easily and quickly. 

rpg maker hud plugin
HUD Pro allows you to add dynamic game information onto your players screen such as gold, HP, MP, TP or any game variable. 

rpg maker diagonal movement plugin
Multi-Direction Pro allows you to increase RPG maker’s 4 movement positions to 8 positions (with diagonals). 

radar pro rpg maker MV plugin
Radar Pro adds a radar HUD (Heads Up Display) to your RPG Maker MV game. You can monitor NPCs, enemies and events.

restriction plugin rpg maker mv
Restriction Pro is a plugin that allows you to create collision maps for your RPG Maker MV games. 

Crafting plugin RPG Maker MV
Crafting Pro is a plugin that allows you to create a crafting system (like Minecraft) within your indie RPG Maker MV games. 

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