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Add a day / night time system to your RPG Maker MV game by using this premium time system plugin. Day / Night Pro is an RPG Maker MV plugin that allows you to control in game time (years, days, hours, minutes and seasons). This allows you to create lighting and events that can be connected to your in-game time system.

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Display in-game time (years, days, hours, minutes & season) in your RPG Maker MV video game.



RPG Maker MV


  • Display the time on your map using our HUD Pro plugin.
  • Time automatically runs (years, days, hours and minutes) based on your desired speed.
  • Full control over time speed (time moves fast / slow)
  • Control seasons
  • Sleep control ( push hours or minutes ahead with sleep switch)
  • Time fast-forward (push days or years ahead with fast-forward switch)
  • Set start year, month, hour, minute etc
  • Control x / y position of time HUD on map.
  • Change time HUD background image / color
  • Control what time / seasons elements to show / hide
  • Stop (or continue) time for messages, menu access etc
  • Control lighting changes for 6 different times / day.
  • Full rbga control over atmospheric lighting.
  • + more

LICENCE game plugins can be used for both personal and commercial use within a single game. A valid order receipt is required to use these plugins in your indie game. Simply put your order number beside the plugin name in your game credit. Example of proper plugin credit: Day / Night Pro Plugin: #3256 |


** 1 year access to support
** 1 year access to free upgrades


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