Lighting Plugin For RPG Maker MV | Torches, Lamps & More

$49.00 $39.00’s Lighting Pro is a plugin that allows you to add a layer of lighting into your RPG Maker MV game. The plugin allows you to add light to parts of your map (i.e. street lights) or onto your character (i.e. flashlight or torch).


Create dynamic game lighting with this RPG Maker MV game plugin.


RPG Maker MV


  • Display torches
  • Display flashlights (various directions)
  • Control light flicker
  • Control light radius / distance / throw
  • Full control over light color (RGB)
  • Static light or connect to character’s movement
  • + more

LICENCE game plugins can be used for both personal and commercial use within a single game. A valid order receipt is required to use these plugins in your indie game. Simply put your order number beside the plugin name in your game credit. Example of proper plugin credit: Lighting Pro Plugin: #3256 |


** 1 year access to support
** 1 year access to free upgrades


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