Reach your gamedev goals by breaking your big picture video game ideas down into small manageable tasks. Project management software helps you take a mathematical approach to organizing daunting or complex tasks. Let’s get started.

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“97% of organizations believe project management is critical to business performance and organizational success”



Don’t be part of the group of 64% of game developers who fail to complete their indie game projects. Without a clear path towards your game development goals it’s easy to get off track. Using our growth formula helps you take an almost mathematical approach to game development. It allows you to zoom out and see the big picture vision for your indie game business, design core system and test growth frameworks. While at the same time allowing you to zoom in by breaking big goals down into manageable daily tasks.


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“High-performing organisations successfully complete 89% of projects, while low performers only complete 36% successfully.”


project management progress tracking


Lao Tzu once said “the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step”. If you feel overwhelmed by a video game project you’ll often avoid your daily tasks, ultimately leading your projects towards under-performance or failure. Feeling swamped due to the magnitude of a game project is like standing at the bottom of a mountain and having no idea how you’ll get to the summit. By using progress tracking you allow yourself to visualize your journey towards your ultimate goal. By breaking your games down into manageable chunks you’ll be able to visualize the progress towards the peek on a daily basis. Now you’ll be able to see how every small step fits into the big picture. See where you are, how far you’ve come and how far you have to go.



A project dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of all of your video game projects, teams, tasks and macro performance indicators all in one place. Your dashboard helps you see if you’re on-time, behind or ahead of schedule. As an indie game developer you’re often in the trenches, putting out fires and dealing with countless daily tasks. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. It’s important to zoom out from time to time to gain a top level perspective on the health of your progress towards your main game development objectives. Your project dashboard gives you that much needed big picture, perspective.


project management dashboard software

managing multiple projects


As an indie game entrepreneur you’re either running multiple video game projects in parallel or you’re running different departments within one project. For example, you might be developing two video games in parallel. Or you might require different projects for different teams. For example, you might want your game artists and your game programmers to be part of two different projects. This is all possible within our game development project management software. Run as many game projects as you like from within the system. Each project has their own controls, calendars, teams and access settings.



We’ve discussed the importance of breaking large tasks down into smaller manageable chunks. This allows you to connect your big goals to your small daily tasks. However, using our game development project management software you can use our milestone feature which will give you a perspective between the long and short term. For example, you can set up monthly or quarterly milestones to act as performance benchmarks to help ensure you’re staying on track.


project management milestones

project management phases


Phases help you better organize your indie game studio by allowing you to subcategorize activities within each of your projects. For example, you could have phases for planning, research, programming, game art development, marketing, social media, strategic partnerships, game trailer creation, conversion rate testing and much more. Phases help you and your team stay organized by helping you see your game development progress at a granular level. Each phase has its own progress tracker, task list, document section and discussion area.  



As a video game developer, tasks are your day in and day out trench work. They are the small things you need to complete daily, weekly or monthly that help you quest towards your bigger goals. Using our gamedev project management software you can assign tasks to individual people or groups within any of your projects. Users can easily mark a task as complete (partially or fully), and the project completion bar will update automatically to display the correct progress percentage.


task management

team management software


Team management is an important part of video game development. Public accountability and clearly defined roles are important to keep a project’s momentum going. You can assign tasks to individual users and that individual user’s calendar, task list and dashboard will be populated with their most pressing and urgent tasks. Once a user completes a task they can mark it as complete and the overall project progress will automatically update. This provides important context, allowing your individual team members to see how their performance contributes to the performance of the game project as a whole.



Video game projects fail or stagnate for many reasons. Poorly defined goals, weak leadership and lack of strategic planning or often the culprits. However, game projects can also fail due to bad internal communication. Within our project management software. users can communicate in an organized fashion either by communicating on the project as a whole or within an individual phase or task level. This helps keep communication open, collaborative, organized, searchable and transparent.


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