RESTRICTIONS PRO’s Restrictions Pro is a plugin built for PRG Maker MV which allows you to create restrictions and collision maps for your indie game. This is a great plugin to use with our parallax mapping plugin.  

“Parallax mapping allows you to create the visual style you want. But our restriction plugin makes it possible.”


Setting up our Restrictions Pro plugin for RPG Maker MV is incredibly easy. You simple need to set permissions which determine the passibility of various parts of your parallax map. You can set a tile to 1 to allow a player to pass through a tile, or set it to 2 which will block a player from being able to pass through that particular tile. Set custom passibility for different player types (character, enemy etc). 

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Parallax mapping allows you to create beautiful indie games that are not limited by RPG Maker’s default design system. However, parallax mapping requires the use of an additional restrictions plugin which allows you, as the game developer to establish collision maps. Simply rules allow you to program your game to give different permissions to different tiles. 

PERSONAL & COMMERCIAL USE plugins can be used for both personal and commercial use in a single game. A valid order receipt is required to use these plugins in your indie game. You will be issued a order receipt even for free plugins (no payment required). Simply put your order number beside the plugin name in your game credit. Example of proper plugin credit: Restrictions Pro Plugin: #3256 |

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