Setting up an exhibition stand at a gaming conference can be a daunting task, but having everything in place is not enough.

How To Behave On An Exhibition Stand At A Gaming Conference

Setting up an exhibition stand at a gaming conference can be a daunting task, but having everything in place is not enough. You need to behave in the right manner to ensure that you get the return on investment that you want. If you are unsure about the best way to behave on an exhibition stand, there are some tips that can help.


Stand At The Front Of The Display


When you stand at the front of your exhibition stands, you have the chance to smile and greet all visitors. This is a very simple behavior which offers some amazing results. To understand the benefits, you need to consider how visitors behave.


As someone walks through a busy exhibition hall, their eyes will move from one stand to the next. When you stand at the front of your display and greet the person, you will bring more focus to your stand. This split second of attention will cause the visitor to determine if they should move on or talk to you instead.


When they do decide to talk to you, standing at the front of the display will make it easier for you to guide people to your stand. You cannot expect visitors to browse your display or head to the back of your stand to talk to you. Standing at the front of the display makes you more accessible and will help you turn a visitor into a potential lead.


Do Not Use Your Phone


This is a very important point because there is nothing more off-putting for visitors than seeing someone using their phone on a stand. This will give off a universal signal that you are busy and they should not bother you. It could also make you seem bored with the exhibition which is worse.


While you might be looking at something business-related such as an email, you should not do this while on the stand. If you must be on your phone, leave the stand. Being on your phone looks unprofessional and your business reputation could be negatively impacted by this.


If you have other people on the stand with you, ban phones from being used. Make it clear that phones can be used while on break, but not on the stand.


Do Not Eat Or Drink On The Stand


Something else that you need to avoid doing is eating or drinking while on the stand. Not only will you leave food debris across the exhibit, but it is also very unprofessional. Additionally, if someone wants to talk to you, you will have coffee breath or spray them with crumbs from your food. Both of these situations can easily be avoided by not eating on the stand.


Do Not Sit Down

When you stand up, visitors will know that you are ready for them according to SMVT. When you sit down, you are telling the visitors that you are tired or on a break. This will make you unapproachable and you will lose business.


When you are standing up, you always look more approachable and you will be in the eye-line of visitors. This will attract their attention and get more of them to visit your display. Being ready for all visitors is important and the best way to get a return on your investment.


Be Nice


Being nice at the exhibition will not cost you anything, but could bring in great rewards. It is important to note that there will be people who do not want your product or service. People who are on the fence might be put off if you are pushy.


While pushing can get you the odd sale, you are not going to be generating any long-term relationships. It is better to be approachable and nice. Have a good opening line that leaves the ball in the visitor’s court. Being positive is also important because it will make people want to work with you in the future.

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